appyReward for SurveyMonkey - Digital Rewards Made Easy!

Send digital rewards and incentives to any country effortlessly with AppyReward's automated platform for SurveyMonkey

Simplify Survey Rewards Enhance your SurveyMonkey surveys with appyReward, the comprehensive platform for seamless digital gift card and prepaid card delivery. Trusted by over 480 recurring SurveyMonkey users worldwide, appyReward offers a streamlined integration that puts you in control, from initial setup to managing rewards approvals.

  • Quick Setup: Automate survey rewards in just minutes
  • Manage Multiple Campaigns: Link various surveys to distinct reward campaigns
  • No unclaimed loss: Reuse or get refunded instead

Customize Your Surveys Tailor each SurveyMonkey project with appyReward to deliver unique survey experiences. Enjoy full control over design and delivery.

  • Instant Reward Delivery: Send digital rewards immediately upon survey completion
  • Versatile Campaigns: Create Giveaway campaigns or set up Sweepstakes
  • Flexible Rewards: Offer Digital Rewards or create bespoke Loyalty programs with point-based systems
  • Global Reach: Deliver rewards globally with customizable country and reward options
  • Test Before Launch: Ensure smooth operations with our demo mode feature

Design Freedom Express your brand with customizable reward delivery that complements your message and enhances engagement.

  • Brand Association: Link your brand with every incentive
  • Layout Customization: Tailor designs to fit your brand aesthetic
  • Measure Success: Track performance with comprehensive insights



Branding your reward landing page and email with personalized content is the smart thing to do to help your respondents remember you.

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Everything is automatic but this is you, and only you who’s monitoring the gifts-giving. Whatever the number of contacts you must reach, this is you that fixes the number of gifts to deliver. Make your best return rate estimation with our calculator, in any case, you’ll ever be able to adjust your offer upon effective returns.

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You know in real-time the moment your recipients redeem your gifts! You can also review and approve respondents individually before delivery to highly secure your campaign.

appyReward Gift Catalog

appyReward for SurveyMonkey - Simplify Digital Rewards!

Effortlessly send digital rewards and incentives globally with AppyReward's automated platform.

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