Customize Your Program

With appyReward Points Pulse, you have the power to fully customize your loyalty program, tailoring it to your unique business needs. Our platform provides you with a range of features that allow you to create reward loyalty campaigns, define your points-to-reward strategy, and seamlessly manage your program's members.

Define Your Points-to-Reward Strategy

Define the value of points, automate their allocation, and reward your participants in a flexible and targeted manner. Demonstrate your appreciation and enhance the engagement of your customers, employees, and participants through a personalized rewards experience. Start now with appyReward Points Pulse and discover how customization can propel your loyalty program to new heights.

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Trigger point allocation automatically

Set up triggers in your loyalty program to automatically assign points when specific actions or events occur. appyReward Points Pulse allows you to integrate your program with various platforms to automate the point allocation based on participant behavior. This automation simplifies point management and enhances the user experience by making point accumulation more convenient and seamless.

Manually award points

In addition to automatic allocation, appyReward Points Pulse enables you to manually award points to your participants. This feature provides you with total flexibility to reward specific actions or exceptional performances in a personalized manner. You have complete control over the points offered, allowing you to appreciate and recognize the contribution of each participant individually.


Everything is automatic but this is you, and only you who’s monitoring the gifts-giving. Whatever the number of contacts you must reach, this is you that fixes the number of gifts to deliver. Make your best return rate estimation with our calculator, in any case, you’ll ever be able to adjust your offer upon effective returns.

appyReward Points Pulse Tracking

Member Point Activity and Reward Redemption

Discover the powerful capabilities of the appyReward Points Pulse platform, designed to provide companies with a comprehensive solution for managing member point activity and facilitating seamless reward redemption. Empower your program participants with a user-friendly interface that allows them to track their point accumulation, view their transaction history, and exchange their points for a variety of exciting gift card options. Streamline the loyalty experience for your members with appyReward Points Pulse, enhancing their engagement and satisfaction.

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