The turn-key Saas platform that transforms the way businesses reward customers

Born in 2015, appyReward is more than a simple add on of CRM or marketing app, appyReward becomes the natural companion for your Gift giving processes.

  • Integrations

    2024, MAY

    Adding a New Prepaid Card: Mastercard digital prepaid card

    appyReward now provides users with the opportunity to send Mastercard digital prepaid cards, offering enhanced flexibility and global usability. This addition expands the range of choices available, empowering users to select rewards that best suit their preferences and needs.

  • Integrations

    2023, JUNE

    Introducing appyReward Points Pulse

    Easily reward employees, survey participants, and more with appyReward Points Pulse A global loyalty program platform. Offer points manually or trigger them through popular platforms like SurveyMonkey, Typeform, Jotform, and more. With appyReward Points Pulse, you can create a flexible and engaging rewards experience that fits your needs.

  • Integrations

    2023, JUNE

    Adding a New Gift Card Partner: Tango Reward Link ®

    appyReward now includes Tango, expanding our digital gift card catalog. This partnership enhances our platform by providing users with a broader range of popular gift card options, making it easier to incentivize and reward participants effectively.

  • Integrations

    2022, MARS

    Launching appyReward for Webex by Cisco

    appyReward comes fully integrated with Webex and allows you to reward all your attendees or just a smaller number of winners you pick at random during a conference, a video meeting, a webinar or via messaging.

  • Integrations

    2021, SEPT

    Launching appyReward for Zoom® Meetings

    appyReward is now fully integrated with Zoom® Meetings and makes Zoom meetings and online events memorable by allowing Zoom users to instantly reward attendees.

  • Integrations

    2019, APR

    Launching appyReward for SurveyMonkey®

    appyReward is now fully integrated with SurveyMonkey®. This new integration allows users of the monkey survey to reward attendees instantly.

  • 2018, FEB

    appyReward launches the Sweepstakes features

    Users cans easly build attractive campaigns that won’t break their gift-buying budget by automatically selecting random winners to reward them... with a few clicks!

  • Integrations

    2018, JAN

    Launching appyReward for Mailchimp

    appyReward is now fully integrated with Mailchimp!

  • Integrations

    2017, SEP

    Launching appyReward for Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

    appyReward is now fully integrated with Oracle Eloqua! Thanks to appyReward, eloqua users can now drag and drop e-Gifts into their documents and find out in real time the moment when their customers open and claim the digital gift!

  • Integrations

    2017, JAN

    Extending the e-Gift Catalog

    New partnership is coming out! appyreward Team integrates the Amazon API. appyReward is now tuned for the North America region as well as for France with several gift providers being ready-to-use.

  • Integrations

    2016, SEP

    Launching appyReward for ORACLE SALES CLOUD

    appyReward is now fully embedded with ORACLE SALES CLOUD! Oracle Sales Cloud user's can send e-Gifts on the go.

  • Integrations

    2016, JUN

    Joining "We Love Start-Up" by Oracle

    appyReward becomes ORACLE Gold Partner and starts working with Oracle Team to better improve the gifting experience with the famous Cloud CRM for Sales, ORACLE SALES CLOUD!

  • Integrations

    2015, JUL

    Creating the first e-Gift CRM

    appyReward creates his first version of e-Gift CRM and gives users full control of the gifting experience including gift-cards, greetings-cards, emails, automation... All the features needed to better interact with their customers.