appyReward for Survey Respondents

Simplify Survey Rewards Delivery with appyReward's Integrations. With just a few clicks, you can select the reward you wish to offer, and appyReward will take care of the rest –emailing rewards to respondents, tracking delivery status, and providing detailed reports.

appyReward for SurveyMonkey
Optimize Your Budget by Removing Wasteful Spending

Adjust Your Incentives Budget with appyReward's Refund Feature. With appyReward, you can easily recoup any unclaimed rewards through our refund feature, ensuring that your incentives budget is spent efficiently and effectively.

Align Your Reward Experience with Your CX Goals with appyReward

Customize rewards to be aligned with your brand. Build goodwill and ensure your rewards are well received and recognized by your customers."

Effortless Automation Tools for Streamlined Processes.

Let appyReward Handle the Rest with “One-Time Setup”!

Get a Final Approval before Delivery: Take Control with appyReward's Approval Feature.

Review and Approve Recipients with Confidence using appyReward's Approval Feature. Feel secured and know where your rewards are going by reviewing and approving recipients before sending them. You can take control of the incentive delivery process for greater peace of mind.

Drive Your Own Campaign and Manage all Incentive Rules directly from appyReward.

Control Your Program Size and Budget with Customizable Reward Limits from appyReward. Encourage Quick Response and Limit Costs by Capping the Number of Qualifying Respondents to the First 50, or More. With appyReward, you can easily customize your incentives to fit your needs.

Test Your Rewards Campaign First Before Delivery with appyReward's Trial Run Feature.

Eliminate Reward Delivery Anxiety with Test Mode from appyReward. Preview and Test the Complete Respondent Experience with Dummy Rewards to Ensure Your Recipients Have the Best Possible Experience. With appyReward Test demo Mode, You Can Have Full Confidence in Your Reward Delivery System.