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Send digital rewards or trigger a gift sent through marketing automation platforms

Drag & drop attractive e-gift within your email campaigns and landing pages.

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Send digital rewards and trigger a gift sent through an automation email with ActiveCampaign

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Send digital rewards, create Sweepstakes and Instant Win Games with MailChimp

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Oracle® Eloqua integration

The best way to create High-Converting e-Gift Campaigns!

appyReward for marketing rewards

The use of incentives is a common way to boost conversion rates in email campaigns and engage prospects on marketing programs or events.


Most of us probably have ever considered developing a rewards program to boost traffic or retain customers, but thought it was costly and too complicated to automate. Not anymore! See how appyReward seamless integration with Marketing Automation Platforms really saves a lot of time and resources while increasing engagement campaigns. More than a simple add on, appyReward is CRM and Marketing Automation’s natural companion

Build attractive scenarios with the right rewards campaign

By sending an e-gift you have the assurance of knowing that your e-gift will always reach its intended destination, thereby automating your entire campaign. Follow-up time has never been more precise by being able to track your gift as well. Using email or landing page to distribute gift is not only cost and time efficient, it maintains precise and current records, enabling automation of e-gifts to coincide with special dates and events.

Beside any classic giveaway campaigns where you give an incentive to every contact, you can also easily build e-gifts sweepstakes or instant win to control over the number of prizes and the frequency of winners to stay in budget. You set the odds of winning and give participants a chance to get a prize instantly or at the end of the events.

Nurture automatically the relationships they value the most

B2B marketers have a limited number of potential buyers, so it’s crucial to them to stay at the top of their minds when ready to make an investment. One of the fundamental benefits of marketing automation is that it enables e-gifts campaigns to run in the background 24/7 throughout the year. Seize this technology opportunity to choose and leverage the right incentive properly to reward every targeted contact on special dates or events.

The appyReward catalog offers more than 200 e-gift cards from the most popular merchants in US and Europe, that you only pay at their face value. Pick the reward you need with its value, as for example the $10 Amazon gift vouchers or Visa virtual payment cards and set the quantity.

It’s simple, if you use a CRM or Marketing system like Oracle Eloqua or Hubspot that stores your existing customer’s e-mails, you can easily start a drip campaign that sends out digital rewards based on their engagement, or to milestone events.

Set up successful instant win scenarios to attract on/offline audience

You can easily build e-gifts instant win with full control over the number of prizes and the frequency of winners to stay in budget. You set the odds of winning and give participants a chance to get a prize instantly. Instead of having to externalize costly and long processes, you just set up and automate your entire operation using your favorite marketing platform to deliver prizes.

First Tech Federal Credit Union, who is the nation’s premier credit union in United States serving the world’s leading technology-oriented companies and their employees, launched an Instant win campaign with appyReward at the Microsoft Ready show 2018 in Las Vegas to attract visitors and reward instantly with a $100 Best Buy e-gift card the lucky ones who were registering at their booth.

“appyReward is a very fun way to engage people and get them over to your booth. We had a line a lot of the time!”

Emily Rose | Manager, Experiential Marketing at First Tech Federal

4) Make your loyalty programs lively

The challenge with most loyalty programs is that it requires endless points accumulation which result in low end rewards redemption, resulting in no loyal behavior at all. It’s important for businesses to continually privilege all their customers. By having an automated digital rewards program, you can set your nurture campaigns on autopilot allowing you to engage with your customers beyond an initial purchase and to build long-term and profitable relationships.

Our expertise can provide you with a fully customized end to end solution or we can flexibly integrate our services with your marketing team and/or ad agency to collaboratively wow your audience. This results in your business achieving strong ROI and bottom line gains, whilst achieving increased and ongoing brand engagement and customer loyalty.


Gift cards that are not claimed by recipients at the end of the campaign would be reversed into your account to be used on your next campaign.


Pay on demand or choose a plan for multi-campaign programs.
Purchase e-gifts upon your needs at their face value plus the according transaction fees.
We have offices in the United States (Los Angeles) and Europe (Paris, Porto) to support your operations locally in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
You can choose electronic gifts in USD, CAD, EURO, UK £ or CHF.


Choose a gift from our international catalog and send it
through your surveys, email campaigns and online meetings in a minute!