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Service & Gift Cards


2 ways to pay and use the service

Purchase prepaid e-Gift Cards

If you choose to purchase prepaid e-gift cards from our catalogue, you will need to credit your account accordingly and purchase e-gifts at least 5 business days before launching operations (order fulfilment).

Select the quantity you need times the gift price (that you pay only at its face value).

Ex: Amazon $10 X 100 vouchers = $1000

To order you need to credit your account in excess of such amount + transaction fees
  • • Payment via credit card (+4% per transaction) Ex: $1000 +4% = $ 1040
  • • Payment via wire transfer or ACH (+2% per transaction) Ex: $1000 + 2% = $ 1020

Pay for the right price!

The system allows you to adapt your e-gifts offer to the demand (you can create more link-codes than gifts you have in your wallet), and in another hand gift cards that are not claimed by recipients at the end of the campaign would be reversed into your account to be used on your next campaign (reused only, no refunds).

Add your own corporate gifts

Here no gift to purchase! insert your own gift cards or coupons and pay only for gifts management: $0,20 fees per gift (Ex: 100 gifts x $0,20 = $20).


  • Assist you for setting your first campaign (Free)
  • Assist you for setting your next campaign ($99)
  • Customize the service ($249)
  • Setting special integration ($390)
  • Design dedicated e-gifts or coupons ($490)
  • Adapt the service to any reward-based or loyalty programs you had

  • Contact Us for a quote

Launch Pack

  • Setting your campaign with test and customization ($299)