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Campaign Packs

Gift-links provides secure and unique access to the gift with real-time transaction tracking.

Add prepaid e-Gift Cards

Choose an e-gift card from our catalog!

Select the quantity you need times the gift price (that you pay only at its face value).

To order you need to credit your account in excess of such amount
  • via credit card (+3% of transaction fees)
  • wire transfer or ACH (+$3 per transaction)

Pay for the right price!

Gift cards that are not claimed by recipients at the end of the campaign would not be invoiced, but reversed into your account to be used on your next campaign.

Add your own corporate gifts

Here nothing to pay! and you can upload up to 1Go of content.


appyReward provides special integrations or Reward program personnalisation.
We help you to build Forms, Landing Pages... or set-up a complete solution from A to Z.
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