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Jotform helps businesses create online forms and surveys quickly and easily, without any coding skills, providing lots of different templates for different purposes, like event sign-ups or customer feedback surveys. You can customize your forms with your own design elements, secure e-signatures, and even add payment integration if you need it.

appyReward and Jotform have joined forces to provide new and exciting ways for businesses and organizations to incentivize their respondents. With this integration, Jotform users can set up automatic reward delivery to survey respondents upon form completion, as well as automatic entry into sweepstakes campaigns offering participants a chance to win prizes or rewards.

With a range of reward options and incentive programs, Jotform users can now create engaging and effective campaigns that encourage participation and lead to better outcomes. Jotform users will not only incentivize their form respondents to complete surveys or forms, but will also increase the response rate, and improve the quality of the data they collect.

Moreover, appyReward provides opportunities for Jotform users to engage participants in different scenarios such as incentivizing Event and Meeting Feedback Forms, Employee Feedback Forms, Customer Review Forms, and more.

The integration of appyReward and Jotform opens up a world of possibilities for businesses and organizations to incentivize and engage their participants. Jotform users can now create more effective campaigns than ever before. So if you want to boost response rates and improve data quality, try appyReward and Jotform today!

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